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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Stock photo must reads

Three years ago I joined Photographer's Direct, and was happy to find Chris Barton - its founder.

The photo industry is in turmoil, with giants like Getty taking advantage of it's size to screw photographers, and swallow competitors. Though that is another story, a related one is the lowering of image quality in advertising, and marketing caused by the above practices. In addition to this, there is a culture shift occurring with corporations, ad agencies, and mom and pop businesses using micro stock images - not realizing what this says about their business, or the strange bedfellows they make by sharing an image with unrelated business. Chris has written two important articles on his blog that should be must reads by corporate photo buyers, ad agencies, and any commercial photo buying client. There is an amazing free tool to help you in checking your photo choices that you will find in the second article. Please read Chris' "Microstock: why would a reputable company do this to themselves?"


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