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Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's a matter of scale

I went to see the wind turbines being installed in Michigan near Ludington - just to see them. I didn't realize they are almost 500 feet tall (476 feet actually)  - and what that looks like on the landscape. In this photo (click it to see a larger version) to the left is a typical two story house - the turbine is behind the house about 0.5-1 mile further away from the camera than the house. The trees behind the house are also typical Michigan hardwoods - about 60-80 feet high. Just look at the scale of these turbines...they are HUGE! The 300mm lens does magnify the difference some, but the reality is really an amazing differential. This is all about perceived size and actual size. The first time I ever saw a wild moose was on Isle Royale (from three feet no less)...I thought they were about the size of a horse, and had no idea they actually were quite a bit taller and larger. It is the oddest feeling having an animal ignore your existence...which is the same feeling I had when I saw these wind turbines. Suddenly, the home owner, community, and landscape mean nothing to the over-riding effort to generate power with these monstrous machines. I am in favor of wind power, but I think I don't care for the location they have installed the 31 turbines I saw that day. I believe installing them off shore in lake Michigan 5-10 miles makes much more sense, and the scale would fit the big lake better than in someone's back yard. (Click photo for larger view)

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