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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Unplugging or cutting the cord...

I unplugged from TV and my land line phone Monday October 1st. I simply can not afford the outrageously high utility rates. That left only the Internet as my link to the outside world. As a phone replacement I have re-activated our Skype account, and set up two laptops with VOIP phones (that I already owned) attached. Cost was $50 for the year ($30 of which was for a static number). For TV I hooked up a co-axial cable to the 1960's era antenna that was already on the roof of my home...and split it between two analog TVs (With free government converter boxes) and one HD TV. There are channels out there that I had never seen before. RT (Russian), and Al Jazeera English language news are now some the few free channels I can watch; Plus, a host of Internet video content is available.
Interestingly, Huffington Post Live launched the same day I unplugged.

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