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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Phoebe is the name of our new cat. She is the second cat rescued from under a porch or deck in fifteen years that we have adopted. All our five cats are rescues except Lucy - whom we will not talk about today. I brought Phoebe to the studio the other day, and she literally turned the session into a game of pounce on the photographer. I was using some old manual focus Nikon lenses for some of the shots, and it was a challenge to get her in focus with all the running, and hopping she was constantly doing. This first photo was with an auto focus lens...

  The next photo is when I just grabbed her with my left hand, and shot the photo with the right hand. I titled this ... "I don't want to stand still". She was free within a couple seconds, but what she did afterwards surprised me. She began pouncing on me from 3-4 feet away...she would land on my camera and nibble on my ears. I had a manual focus lens mounted at the time, and this is the best I could capture of a mid air pounce.

Just as quickly she ran out of steam, and fell asleep. When she first came to us she had this cobalt blue haze over her eyes like the spice induced one in Frank Herbert's "Dune". Now the blue is fading away to a greenish hazel color...very pretty.

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