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Thursday, August 29, 2013

I Shot It.com's Child Photo Competition

   This morning I got notice that one of my I Shot It entries had been awarded a "Mark of Excellence Award" in the child photo contest by judge Lisa Alessandra Kutselnig.  I Shot It  is a relatively new phenomenon to me. Their Facebook page passed 200,000 likes earlier this summer, and many of my Facebook "friends" were liking photos or competitions from the  I Shot It web site. So, about three weeks ago I thought I would try entering. Obviously, this was shot awhile ago. Here is the awarded photo ...  I still get this same look whenever I ask Sam to clean his room or do a chore. :-)
The I Shot It web site slogan is "The Best Photo Competition". I have to admit there is really an impressive amount of activity on the site. There are multiple contests in progress at all times, and some with cash and/or Leica equipment as prizes.

Child Photo Competition 2013 No 3 Finalist Page 

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